TTS DataMaster
PowerTrain Diagnostics Software

DataMaster is by far the most comprehensive data logging software available today for the GM OBD I platform. DataMaster was specifically written to give the end user comprehensive means by which to monitor their vehicles' performance, and includes data recording and playback of virtually every sensor and PCM status bit in the system. In some cases, this is upwards of 130 data items!

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DataMaster software is individually tailored for each available GM car and truck platform. For a list of current applications click here to go to our software download page. Each platform's version is available as one file.

DataMaster allows free unlimited playback of files without any authorization codes needed. However, the software is limited to 20 "free" recording sessions before an authorization code must be purchased. After authorization, DataMaster recording sessions are unlimited. DataMaster also requires use of a serial port adapter and cable assembly in order to record runs from a vehicle, click here for additional information.

DataMaster software is sold either bundled with the cables you need or the software may be purchased separately. After the software is purchased, additional platform authorization codes are available at a considerably discounted price. Please refer to our price list for the current pricing schedule. Note that DataMaster is only available for the OBD1 .

DataMaster requires Windows XP-SP3/Vista/Win7/Win8. DataMaster will run on 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.

NOTE: Windows XP 64-bit is not supported

  • Pentium-class PC at 400 MHz or above
  • Display resolution 800 x 600 or above, 1024 x 768 recommended
  • Serial RS-232 communication port or TTS USB-Serial Adapter
  • 64 MB memory subject to OS minimum requirements
  • Hard drive space required: 10 MB + 3 MB for each additional version installed

The DataMaster manual is also available for download here as a PDF file (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).


DataMaster Key Features:

  • Modern easy-to-use Windows-based software
  • Records, displays and stores data for 30 minutes or more per file
  • Records data at high rate adjustable up to 10 records per second to help identify transient problems
  • Built-in graphing allows quick identification of data of interest
  • Graph data items and colors are user definable
  • Graph "zoom" feature allows zooming into area of detailed interest
  • Real-time "strip-chart" graph of data during recording and monitoring
  • Twelve user selectable status bits always visible on the main display
  • Graphical display of all status bit information along with bit descriptions
  • Built-in "performance calculator" lets you evaluate 1/4 mile and 0-60 times from recorded data
  • Fuel mixture histogram allows quickly identifying rich and lean fuel mapping areas
  • Graphical display of DTC (malfunction) codes along with description information.
  • Allows clearing engine and/or transmission malfunction codes on most models
  • Ability to collect transmission or interleaved engine and transmission data on certain models
  • Uses Windows printer for reliable printing of data and graph
  • Interface connects directly to PC serial port and requires no external power connection
  • Ability to export user selected data to spreadsheet such as Excel in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format



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