GM Allison 1000/2400 Transmission Upgrades
Allison 1000/2400 Transmission Shift Kits!

Eliminates, prevents, reduces and corrects shifting into neutral under load, 3-4 slip, burned C3 clutches, and sticking in one gear. With smart clutch control valves for increased durability you will gets short, crisp, smooth up-shifts and kick-downs.

In teaming with TransGo®, TTS supplied the knowledge for the power and Allison Shift Kit TransGo®, supplied the knowledge to get it to the wheels. The Shift kit is a fine tuned setup designed to work with TT

During kit development engine torque and horsepower were increased to over 900 ft. Ibs. and over 500 Hp. We installed our shift kit and torque converter and tested with a 25,800lb. GVW on an 8% grade with no slipping, no codes and no clutch damage. After this test, the truck was then placed on the dynamometer at full throttle and full load, then slowed at full throttle from 90mph all the way down to 35mph. Once again, no slipping, no codes and no clutch damage.

When installing the TTS / TransGo® kit you should follow normal rebuild procedures and replace any worn or damaged components.

Allison-Jr installs from the bottom without trans removal. Install it before adding horse-power to prevent internal damage. Increases torque capacity

Allison Shift Kit: $215.85
Transgo Shift Kit for the Allison 1000/2400 5 speed
Allison Shift Kit Jr: $119.39
Allison Shift Kit Jr. Shift-Kit Jr for the Allison 1000/2400 6 speed

Allison 1000/2400 Transmission Upgrade kit
Rated up to 750 hp and 1250 ft-lbs Includes, P-2 Planetary Spacer, Modified C3 Pressure Plate, C3 Friction & Steel, Converter Lockup valve and shift kit.

Available for the following years:

2001- 2004 5 speed $578.91*
2004 ½ - 2005 5 speed $578.91*
2006+ 6 Speed $372.96*

*+ $50 Core charge.
Core is refunded when proper C3 plate is returned.

5 Speed Kit Shown

Allison Clutch Kits
These replacement Clutch kits come complete with frictions and steels

Custom Billet Input Shaft
Made of Billet steel for more strength to stand up to the high horsepower applications that won’t fail.

Custom Billet C2 Drive Hub
Made of heat treated billet steal with an improved design to fully engage the C2 Hub with the P2 Planetary in order to improve contact, strength and prevent damage to the P2 Planetary system.

TTS Multi-Plate Torque Converters*
If your factory transmission is being run with power levels higher than OEM settings you may find deterioration on one or more clutch packs. TTS is offering an upgraded Torque Converter and transmission upgrade kit. We will require your old converter back in order to waive the core charge.

15 years of proven Multi-Plate reliability The torque converter has two basic functions, fluid coupling and lockup. The torque converter in the Allison 1000 series needs some improvements in both of these areas. The stock torque converter simply isn't designed to handle the increased power that more and more customers are putting into their Duramax Trucks. Installing the TTS Multi-Plate Billet Cover Torque Converter easily addresses this issue. The three clutch discs in the Multi-Plate converter with will not slip even when running extremely high power levels.

Getting it to the ground!!
By Bernie Raisig
A customer testimonial

Multi-Plate Torque Converter $1399.00
- 15 years of proven Multi-Plate reliability

*$400 Core charge.
Core is refunded when proper converter is returned.

* Modified engines require custom converter.




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