GM Diesel Fuel System Upgrades


Fuel Pickup System Upgrade
2001 – 2007 GM Duramax LB7, LLY, & LBZ

The stock GM Duramax fuel pickup line is 0.240” I.D. while all the fuel line and connectors are 0.500” I.D. As a result of this restriction in the fuel tank the pump has to work harder in order to retrieve the fuel thereby starving the engine of usable power and also potentially impacting Injection Timing as a result of cavitation.

TTS has developed a fuel pickup system upgrade for the GM Duramax where the fuel pickup line is 0.500” I.D. Made of 6061 billet aluminum that replaces the stock plastic restrictive pickup, and machined to accept a 5/8 hose to increase the fuel flow by over 140%.

  • Tests have shown that 7”Hg is not uncommon in a Duramax powered vehicle using a lift pump as measured at the top of the sending unit, this can be lowered to 1.5”Hg using our Billet Fuel Pickup
  • Designed and manufactured using the latest in solid modeling and Cad/Cam technology.

Fuel Pick up with hose $92.74

LB7 Fuel Pick-Up kit: $174.85
Includes hoses, adapters, fittings, pick-up - everything needed to do a complete installation

LLY / LBZ Install Kit with Fuel Pick Up $105.82
Includes hoses, adapters, fittings, pick-up - everything needed to do a complete installation

Modification of sending unit shown above is necessary for installation on LB7.

TTS Billet Fuel pickup & Hose

Stock pickup vs the TTS Pickup.

Complete assembly installation (Shown with LLY Hose kit)

Fuel System Dual CP3 kit
2001 – 2007 GM Duramax LB7, LLY, & LBZ

TTS has developed a dual CP3 pump kit, for even the largest injector and or fuel programs that demand a high volume of fuel flow, while still having the ability to maintain optimum fuel pressures at the injectors.

The TTS CP3 upgrade will providing enough fuel to make over 1200HP while supplying fuel seamlessly and instantly at any requested fuel pressure. If you are wide open during competition or driving through a school zone this upgrade works in all environments.

Since each pump now shares the total fuel delivery, drive load on the original internal CP3 pump is reduced by 50%, increasing pump reliability.

Note: Lift pump and fuel pick up are not required with this kit, however for optimum flow to both CP3’s and to reduce fuel filter restriction it is recommended.




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